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What to Expect

Like with any new relationship, our initial time together will be spent getting to know each other. To be an effective business partner, we must learn about your industry, company features, benefits, and challenges. This knowledge comes from established industry standards research and most importantly, you the client. We respect the fact that many businesses today do not fit in the generalized mold of their specific industry. In conjunction with this data, we examine your customer target audience and their needs. We then marry this intelligence to develop a comprehensive foundation that includes marketing objectives, primary target audience demographics, positioning strategy, opportunities, and potential hurdles. This foundation becomes the platform for all future marketing and advertising projects.

There are instances where we discover a void in vital intelligence or inconsistent data; we then recommend utilizing our market research services. Because this phase is crucial to getting off to the right start, we make every effort that our facts are solid. We do not want to go down the wrong path wasting time and money. These facts or assumptions become the truth that all further marketing and advertising efforts are based upon. With client direction, LHM can facilitate services such as focus groups, in-depth comparative market research, or customized surveys which are all targeted at building a library of client knowledge. Once sufficient information is gathered and organized, the essential LHM team can be assembled, informed and an individual plan developed.


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