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The Plan

Once we understand who you are and your company's objectives, we move into the planning phase. The LHM team crafts the proper media mix and creative direction to accomplish your bottom line goals. Within our recommendations, we will outline the specific methods to communicate your company's identity and value to your primary target audience. This includes actual mediums, frequency, and estimated costs for your team to know up front what to expect from your customized advertising campaign. Each client is unique, as well as their recommendations. We do not dictate. We actively look for client input and suggestions. Again, we look to be a business partner supporting your vision and satisfying your objectives.

Below are examples of the services that LHM can provide:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand Development
  • Corporate ID/Collateral
  • Public Relations
  • Graphic Design
  • Media Placement
  • Online/Interactive
  • Website Development
  • Direct Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Consulting
  • ROI Solutions/Lead Tracking


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Morristown, NY 13664

WBE/Certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise