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Do You REALLY Know What Your Customers Are Thinking?

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What if We Could Answer that Question for You?

Our qualitative Customer/Employee Satisfaction Survey has revealed this exact answer for dozens of clients. You will receive valuable intelligence that will guide your next steps to improve your organizational performance and increase profitability.

Lighthouse Marketing has a successful track record for customizing and facilitating Customer/Employee Satisfaction Surveys that deliver valuable intelligence.

Due to the labor intensity of this project, we are restricted to two survey projects at any one time. Therefore, please don’t delay in getting your project on our calendar!

We have developed a Six Step System that allows for a mix of both current and prospective customers (20-40 total) to participate.

Step One:Determine Vital Input Desired From Your Customers/Employees

This is the fun part; we like to ask our clients, to pretend that they have a crystal ball and can ask whatever they want of their customers. Here is a sample of some of the intelligence we have successfully garnered for our clients:

  • Does their customer intend to send their manufacturing overseas and when?
  • When will the next new project begin and will our client be getting the new business?
  • And for prospective customers, what would it take to earn their business and become their supplier of choice?
TestimonialsAs with any business, our customers are extraordinarily important to us. Susan's design and execution of a Customer Satisfaction Survey process yielded incremental insight of our customer's needs that will fuel continuous improvement projects focused on exactly the right things. Susan's unique insight into the customer psyche coupled with her expertise in sales and marketing afforded us a perspective of our results that we would not have achieved on our own.Testimonials

- Arthur Kaempffe of Surmotech (Manufacturing)

Step Two:Invite Select Customers/Employees to Participate

We have been told on many occasions by the customer, that they "never" participate in surveys; however, because of how professional our approach is, they agree to participate in our survey.

A hard copy letter goes out on Lighthouse Marketing letterhead, signed by Susan, President of LHM, inviting them to participate in a brief, no more than ten minute, phone survey. The letter states that they have been selected by the owner of our client company to participate, and that Susan will call within a few days to obtain their critical feedback.

Step Three: Create Survey Instrument

The survey document typically consists of 5-8 key questions that appear to be very generic and unobtrusive. It is in its simplicity that the success of this project lies.

TestimonialsWe were extremely pleased to have contracted Susan Beebe of Lighthouse Marketing to conduct a client survey on our behalf. Susan's professionalism in dealing with our clients is top notch, and the project was extremely valuable in providing critical feedback. The endeavor was so successful, that we have contracted her again to obtain additional surveys.Testimonials

- Peter King of King + King Architects (Professional Services)

Step Four: Implement Phone Survey

The real art of this project is in the conversation that often emerges when the customer reveals many valuable insights, unfiltered comments, staff critiques, problematic issues or areas of discontent, which is captured verbatim during the survey process.

Step Five: Compile and Summarize Survey Data

Upon completion of the survey process, all data is reviewed, transcribed and categorized for easy internal dissection and use.

TestimonialsI wanted to take a moment to thank you and let you know what a pleasure it was working with you on the recent marketing project you completed for Doyle Security Systems.

Right from our initial contact I was impressed with your enthusiasm, dedication and sense of urgency to work on our project. You were able to provide thoughtful insight and suggestions to help make our project a great success. You quickly grasped and demonstrated an understanding of our business, products and services that enabled you to extract pertinent and useful information from our customers. The information reported back to us was in an organized and professional format. I was very impressed by the fact that when you unearthed a customer's comment that you felt needed attention to remedy, you immediately reported that information to the appropriate person in our organization to get it corrected. That, in my opinion, was above and beyond and demonstrated a true sense of caring and concern for the task at hand and our company.

If we ever decide to again undertake such an endeavor, we would enlist your services without hesitation. I would be happy to recommend you and Lighthouse Marketing and speak to anyone that may have an interest. All the best in the New Year.Testimonials

- Kevin Stone of Doyle Security Systems, Inc. (B2B and Retail)

Step Six: Deliver Confidential Results and Next Step Recommendations

You will receive a bound summary which will include a detailed breakdown of all comments shared by your customers.

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Our clients have been amazed at the valuable information obtained from the survey participants. This intelligence has resulted in improved internal procedures, enhanced customer services, as well as qualified sales leads.

Standard Survey Cost: $5,000* - *For a limited time we are offering a 20% DISCOUNT for CNY SHRM Members!*

Upon Completion of the survey project, your company will have the answers that only an unbiased, third party interviewer will be able to successfully obtain.

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