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Strategic Consulting

In addition to traditional advertising agency services, Lighthouse Marketing provides Strategic Consulting services in the area of Sales and Management Development. This division was created due to a recurring need from existing clients. It became evident that marketing investments were potentially wasted due to inefficient sales departments and/or misguided leadership. With over 30 years of successful sales and management experience, it made sense to share this wisdom with our clients.

When advertising works, it effectively drives traffic to your sales force. However, if your sales team is not functioning consistently or at peak performance, your marketing efforts are being compromised and your return on investment placed at risk.

Sales Consulting: Many businesses allocate an average of six to ten percent of gross revenues to their marketing and advertising budgets. Too often, however, this money is seen as more of a gamble than an investment. Money is spent, ads are placed and then you just wait and hope for the desired results.

We provide: 

  • Interim Sales Management
  • Recruiting/Retention
  • Internal and External Customer Surveys
  • Job Descriptions/Compensation Plans
  • Sales Training Programs
    • "Sales - Back to Basics" - 2-hour session
    • "Sales - Beyond The Basics" - 2-hour session

Management Development: Most management teams have the best of intentions when it comes to growing their businesses; however, at times those individuals become part of the problem and perhaps even their own worst enemies. It is possible to be too close to your own business to make the necessary and sometimes tough decisions. We specialize in objectively looking from the outside in, and provide the guidance and feedback necessary to take the next steps in growing your business.

We provide:

  • Effective Employee Reviews
  • Staff Development Assessments
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Goal Setting/Benchmarking
  • Team Accountability

We would be happy to evaluate your sales department at any stage of our relationship. The ultimate goal is to achieve a comprehensive and cohesive sales and marketing team to reach your financial objectives.


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