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Execution is our favorite stage of this process. Stand back and watch us shine! LHM's team is organized, thorough, and completely motivated to make your advertising reach its full potential. The true benefit of hiring an outside professional advertising agency is that it is our job to handle all the logistics. Some of these time consuming items include:

  • Meeting print deadlines
  • Reformatting creative
  • Following up on press releases
  • Evaluating campaigns with a post buy analysis
  • Meeting with all outside representatives
  • Qualifying good and poor marketing opportunities
  • Maintaining quality control on all outgoing advertising
  • Ensuring brand integrity

Know that the advertising headaches, big or small, that potentially can take you away from your day- to-day responsibilities are not sitting idle in a pile on your desk. They are efficiently being processed by your own outsourced marketing department who advocates on your behalf. The biggest service we can offer to you is the freedom for you and your team to focus on what you do best, while allowing us the privilege to do what we do best.


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